Investment Schemes, Scams and Strategies Retirees Should Avoid

Investment Schemes, Scams & Strategies Retirees Should Avoid

Now Available!   All royalties will fund cancer research.

What happens to retirees in the financial markets is a national disgrace. 

Too many baby boomers suffer devastating investment losses.

Every baby boomer should read this book.  Every millennial should buy a copy for Mom and Dad.

A lot of books will offer you strategies on how to invest your money or which specific investments to buy.

I intend to tell you which investments and strategies that you would do well to avoid.

I worked as an attorney in and around the financial markets for 40 years. I helped thousands of investors who were victims of financial fraud and unsuitable investments. Retirees have always made up a disproportionate number of my clients because retirees are targeted in the financial markets.

Baby boomers are easy marks. Financial sharks are more prevalent than you might think. Many retirees know just enough about investing to get themselves into serious trouble.

The person from whom you seek financial advice is the key person who will be responsible for determining exactly how much money you will have to spend between the time that you retire and the time that you die.

I will show you how to avoid the many bad actors in the markets and how to find a financial adviser who will be good for you.

All royalties that I receive from this book will be donated to  the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco, where I was treated for leukemia, to fund cancer research.

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All royalties fund cancer research.
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